Not supper happy with how this one turned out, first time doing a grid, turned based game, so I learned quite a bit regarding that.

The only playable level is of bad quality. To beat it you basically want to always use 6s and always attack first, no wiggle room whatsoever.

Things I would've added if I had the time:

  • Made it into a rogue like
    • Procedural dungeon generation.
    • Upgrades, you would roll your dice and the side you land would be the one you change, there could be special numbers, big numbers stuff like that
    • Intractable items (potions), that would scale based on the players current number.
  • Balancing:
    • Instead of one move player -> one move enemy, I'd make it two moves player -> two moves enemy (different enemies could have different amount of moves)
    • Add a drawback to high numbers, ex. you take more damage the higher number you have, if the player has two moves, they'd want to roll on a low side to take less damage after attacking
  • Pathfinding optimization (current system is dumb, I wrote it myself)

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